Monthly Archives: September 2013

Welcome back!  I hope everybody had a great weekend. Today we are going to spend another day working on our jars (outline in sharpie, highlights (on jar) and shadows, color).

Sketchbook: With your knowledge cylinders . . . draw this jar! If you finish, fill it with something interesting candy, fish, mountains, etc.) When you are done, please hand in your sketchbook on my desk. mason

Starting this week, if you are absent from class, you are responsible for making up the sketchbook day you missed (found on class blog). Reminder: If you do not use the full five minutes to draw and your drawings reflect it – you will not receive full points. Remember to fill up half a page!

Pick your favorite shoe from below and draw it (half page!). Take your time, notice the white (empty) spaces between the lines. If you finish early, add value (light and dark shading) to it.

converse_shoe_lineart_by_conversefan10-d463dv5 Shoe

Choose one/all of the following and fill up half a page: hatch line, cross-hatch, stippling and/or continuous line.

Make some areas have a darker value by putting your marks closer together.

Hand in your sketchbook on my desk when you are done.