Celebrity Portrait Drawing


Today, you will be selecting the image you will draw for you final project.  You will be using a grid to help you draw, so don’t be afraid to choose an image you would otherwise think is too difficult.  The grid is your friend!

Follow the steps below to search, print, and grid your final image:

  • Step 1 – Search for image
    • Open Internet explorer and navigate to www.google.com/images
    • Type the name of a person you admire (actor, musician, athlete, friend, family, etc.) No cartoon or video game characters.
    • Go to Google Images
    • Click Search Tools
    • Click the Image Size drop down and choose Large
    • Choose an image of your person of interest that is from the shoulders up


  • Step 2 – Save the image
    • Click the chosen image from the gallery, then right click and save image as
    • Name it “final” and save it to your home folder
  • Step 3 – Printing image
    • Open your home folder (shortcuts>Windows 7>Student Home Folder)
    • Double click your “Final” image to open it in windows picture viewer
    • Click Print from the menu bar
    • Scroll down the size options on the right and choose 8×10
    • Click Print


  • Step 4 – Draw Grid
    • Write your name and period number in the margin
    • If your photo has a white background (as my Dicaprio picture does),  redraw the 8×10 inch edges using a ruler
    • Using a pencil, make a mark every 1 inch on all 4 edges of image, not the edges of the paper
    • Connect marks opposite each other to create 1×1 inch  grid boxes with 8 on the short side and 10 on the long side
    • When you are finished drawing the grid, hand in your image

Grid Port


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