1. Create three contour* drawings of your hand in various poses. Your hand drawings should be life-size or larger.*contour: outline and major details.
  1. Create at least three images/objects/designs into your hand drawings. Use repetition* with these images.*repetition: repeating certain lines, shapes, patterns or images for visual interest.  




Productivity / Time Usage:
Did you put forth your best effort? Did you go back and correct issues with sizes and details? Did you use your class time wisely?
Are your hands life size? Is proportion accurate? Are you drawing what you are seeing/observing (not what you think it should look like?). Did you include details like fingernails and creases?
Is your drawing done hastily? Is your paper wrinkled/folder? Did you erase unwanted lines/smudges?
Was your arrangement on the final paper thoughtful? Are all areas of the paper visually filled or are there large blank areas?
Did you combine/include at least three images/objects into your hand drawings? Did you use repetition (repeat some of those images?)


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