“About Me” Drawing

Pick and choose from the categories below to illustrate about yourself:


Your name, Nicknames, Names people call me


Hobbies, Interests, Things you like

Favorite subjects in school

What you did over the summer

Sports/Activities you are in

Favorite Songs, Bands, Music

Words to describe yourself

Favorite Food, Drinks, Candy, Restaurants

Smells you love

Dream jobs

Favorite Apps, Websites

Things your allergic to

Zodiac Sign

Favorite Movies, Books

Places you want to visit

Favorite words

College you want to go to

Pet peeves

Life “To Do” list

Things you are afraid of

Favorite colors

Pets you have had and their names

Favorite sports team

Favorite cities you’ve been to

Things you are thankful for

Wishes you want to come true

What you’ve been for Halloween

Favorite name for girls & boys


Anything else you want to share!

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