1. step 1.JPG
  2. Click “OK”.
  3. File > Open Image. Select your animal image.
  4. File > Open Image. Select your Human Body image.
  5. Go to your animal tab.
  6. Adjustment >Hue & Saturation. Set the Saturation to -100.  Step 2.JPG
  7. Go to your Human Body tab and do the same thing: Adjustment>Hue & Saturation and set the Saturation to -100.
  8. Go back to your animal tab.
  9. Select the Lasso tool. Step 3.JPG
  10. Click and hold the hold as you slowly outline your animal head. You may need to try this a few times. To start over and deselect go to: Edit > Deselect All.
  11. When you get a selection you like go to Edit > Cut.
  12. Go to your Human Body tab and Edit > Paste.
  13. Select the move tool and position the animal head on the human body. step2.JPG
  14. To make your animal head larger or smaller: Edit > Free Transform. HOLD DOWN SHIFT WHEN YOU RESIZE! When you get it the size you want click enter.
  15. When you’re finished, go to File > Save.

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