Tip: Start with the white charcoal first and use a blending stump.

01-eye-pencil-drawing-tear-drop-by-suanineye_with_teardrop_by_crisstyana-d6ollip7ac74e2f4bb5763ef6e35cbf1c4a622f8a958369ac41717ca0c36bfce45f9347 24e00d78001bd8b35290445c8aeda83841d8c59f8413fff144f7d8af2fcf2551635d54e4796c0f53193a031e2fc926171708acc74d9afd1a3b0cc2f22c7a0d72 45490d0b3be9b08e69cd804212f62942f1e25d18Transparent-Water-Drops-656224

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